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Rosin sizing synergist

Rosin sizing synergist


This product which is water-soluble polymer polyelectrolyte, can completely dissolved in water and becoming true solution. as the polymer itself containing a strong ion adsorption group and activity group can be directly coated on the rosin colloidal particles ,enhancing the sizing retention rate; At the same time, after drying, it can reduce the ripening time of rosin, from 24 hours down to 2-6 hours.



Appearance Colorless or slightly yellow viscous liquid
Solid content 35±1%
pH value 3.5±1
Viscosity 130±5cps (25℃)
Charge type Cationic
Shelf life 6 months (at cool and dry place)


1. The product can dissolve in water in any concentration, recommending to diluted this product with water in 10 times, and then adding into the rosin agent.
2. The product should avoid all kinds of pollution, including tanks, pumping systems etc.
3. We should maintain system stability in operation, so that it operated under the best conditions



200kg & 1000kg packaging barrels.

This product is not the dangerous goods.

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