Company profile

Nextco Hong Kong Limited is the agent of Shanghai Hengli Water Treatment Materials Co., Ltd who is currently one of the largest polyacrylamide manufacturers in China.

We mainly specilizes in the polyacrylamide powder, emulsion, PolyDADMAC, Polyamine and related polymer materials used in water treatment, mineral processing, olifield, paper making & other industries.

  • Water Treatment

    As a high polymer flocculant, mainly used for urban sewage and industrial wastewater (such as food, paper making, mineral processing, textile, printing and dyeing.

  • Mineral Processing

    It can be used for the separation of coal mud, the filtration of fine coal, the purification treatment of coal ash water.

  • Oilfield

    It can be used in oilfield waste water treatment, EOR function auxiliaries.

  • Construction

    Can be used as building glue thickener and concrete additive.

  • Paper Making

    Use as a retention aid filter for pulp retention and filtration to improve the speed of water filtration and retention of paper fibers and fillers.

  • Other Industrial Additives

    It can be used as binder in ceramic industry or process of incense making process adhesive.

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