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Polyamide polyamine resins

Polyamide polyamine resins


This product is a cationic, water-soluble, and heat convertible polyamide Polyamine Epichlorhydrin resin. It doesn't contain methanal. The result of the detection by the National Light Industry Institute of paper quality supervision and detection center Shanghai branch shows that our product has achieved the same quality as that of similar products in the world. Some indexes has excelled that of foreign similar products.



Appearance Light yellow to light amber semi-transparent liquid
Solid Content 12.5-25.5%
Viscosity CPS(25℃) 15-30
PH Value 3.5-5.5
Specific Gravity 1.03 kg/L
Freezing Point -1℃
Shelf Life (room temperature) ≤90 days
Solubility Easily dissolved in cool water


The emulsions polymer produced by our company has been successfully applied in liquid/solids separation systems, such as clarification, thickening, flotation and dewatering. The polymer is especially useful for the thickening and dewatering of sledges.

Usage guidelines:

1. High efficiency and good cooperativity: compared with traditional urea formaldehyde resin or melamine formaldehyde resin, it achieves better result with the same dosage.
2. According to different pulp feed and different dosage, generally speaking, it can improve wet strength by 80-100% and dry-strength by about 30%.
3. Moreover, because of the strong positive charges and fiber on the molecular chain, it can promote the drainage property of the pulp and papermaking velocity, and increase the retention ratio of filler, gross rubber, and micro-fibrils.
4. Paper made with HY-320 Wet-strength Agent enjoys a better feel than that made with urea formaldehyde resin or melamine formaldehyde resin and an excellent hygroscopicity.


Applicable pH Range:

This product carries cation itself, so it can be absorbed by fibers over a broad PH range from acidity to alkalinity and achieve good result without needing the existence of aluminum sulfate. When applied in conditions from neutrality to alkalescence, it is more suitable to curing with a better result.


No toxicity, No Risk:

This product is a kind of wet-strength agent that doesn't contain methanal and can be applied in making paper for consumption and food. Besides, it falls into the category of non-hazardous articles. It can be shipped in plastic barrels or plastic-lined metal pails. If the liquid should leak, just wash it away with water.



50kg, 200kg & 1000kg packaging barrels.

This product is not the dangerous goods.

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