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PolyDADMAC series

PolyDADMAC series


Poly (diallyl dimethylammonium chloride) (PolyDADMAC) is a water-soluble high molecular polyelectrolyte which can be totally dissolved in water.

Since polymer body contains strong ionic and active adsorption groups, suspended solid particles and water-soluble substance containing negative charge groups can be destabilized, coagulated & dispersed via electrical neutralization.

For our PDADMAC, the PH range of target solution is wide (0.5 - 14) and is non-toxic, tasteless, and odorless, which can be widely used in water treatment, papermaking, mineral processing, printing and dyeing, oil fields and other fields.



Trademark Appearance Solid content Viscosity pH value
HCA Series Colorless or light yellow sticky liquid 19-21% 100-200cps 4.0-7.0
19-21% 200-500cps 4.0-7.0
19-21% 500-1000cps 4.0-7.0
19-22% 1000-3000cps 4.0-7.0
39-42% 200-500cps 4.0-7.0
39-42% 500-1000cps 5.0-7.0
39-42% 1000-3000cps 4.0-7.0
39-42% 3000-6000cps 4.0-7.0
39-42% 8000-12000cps 4.0-7.0
58-62% 2000-4000cps 4.7-7.0


As organic coagulant in purification treatment, demulsification and decolorization for drinking water and sewage.

Used in mining, drilling or as formaldehyde-free color fixing agent, anionic garbage capture agent for papermaking, AKD sizing accelerator for papermaking, etc.



1. Excellent performance with stable quality, narrow molecular weight distribution and low residual monomers
2. The positive charge is located on the side chain and chlorine stability is good.
3. Good compatibility with inorganic coagulants.
4. Excellent storage stability.
5. Stable PH value.

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