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Paper Dry-strength agent (amphoteric)

Paper Dry-strength agent (amphoteric)


Paper dry strength agent is polyacrylamide Series dry strength agent, with a higher molecular weight and cationic charge, widely using in packing paper (corrugated cardboard, kraft paper, etc.), cultural paper and other paper, especially for paper making systems with more anionic impurities or the high concentration of electrolyte.

It can effectively improve the dry strength of paper, the physical properties of paper. At the same time, It also can keep and bond small fibers and filler, reducing fiber loss and reducing the "wool off". It can produce enough dry strength of the fiber ,allowing the use of low-cost raw materials or a higher proportion of secondary fiber.



Appearance Colorless, transparent viscous liquid
Solid content 15-20%
pH value 2-5 (1% concentration)
Viscosity 5000-10000cps (25℃, 20%)
Charge type Mainly cationic
Water-solublity Soluble in cold water
Dissolution time 10 minutes
Shelf life 6 months (at cool and dry place)


1. Diluted 10 times adding (suggest Continuous adding).
2. Adding 0.5%-2% or according to requirements (dry pulp).
3. Properly join point is the key to obtain the best effect.
4. If Cooperating to use with other papermaking assistant, please contact technical personnel.



200kg & 1000kg packaging barrels.

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