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HY-200 Pulp dispersant

HY-200 Pulp dispersant


Anionic emulsion polymer of our company is anionic polyacrylamide emulsion that is used as a flocculants in a wide variety of industrial waste water, municipal sewage, paper mill and minering wastewater treatment and so on.



Appearance white granule
Solid content ≥88%
Molecular weight >18 million
Charge Anionic
Bulk density (0.60-0.70)mg/ml
Recommended dissolved concentration 0.05-0.01%
Storage period Two years (at cool dry place)


1. The product should be effectively dispersed in water or it will result in caking and production of polymer "fish eye" and prolong dissolving time.
2. using warm water can speed up the dissolved pace, but the temperature of water is too high will lead to polymer thermal degradation, and the viscosity will be affected. So generally around 50℃ water temperature is appropriate.
3. Stirring will help dissolve the use of this product, but too severe stirring will make the dispersant depredate and break. So the best blender push should use the ship type. The speed is about 200-500rpm.
4. Thie product should be stored in ventilated, dry shady places, avoiding high temperature and the moist resulting in caking, as soon as possible after the opening run out of packaging.



25kg Paper-plastic compound bags.

This product is not the dangerous goods.

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