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Dicyandiamide (Decolouring Flocculant)

Dicyandiamide (Decolouring Flocculant)


Decoloring flocculant is a new product of my company with highly efficient decoloring function. It mainly Main ingredients is Dicyandiamide. It has the obvious ability of decolorization and the reduction of COD. Mainly applied to treatment with high turbidity water of dye factory , applicable to all kinds of dye wastewater, and also applies to textile, dyeing and printing wastewater treatment and so on.



Item Indicators Test methods
Appearance colorless or slightly yellow viscous liquid Visual and stirring or observation of bubbles
Solid content 50% Weight method
Viscosity 30-130cps Brookfield viscosimeter
PH value 3.5-6.5 PH measurement


Use methods:

1. This product is diluted with water 10-50 times and waste water directly into the mixing uniformity, by settlement or flotation to get the clear liquid after decolorization.
2. The pH value of water control in the 6-10 is better.
3. When the wastewater of color, COD is high, appropriate to depigmenting agents used in conjunction with inorganic flocculants to deal with, can reduce the processing cost. Dosing means the ratio of the order of the experiment by mixing and wastewater treatment process to determine.
4. Should be kept in operation to maintain system stability, so that it operated under the best conditions.
5. In the system put in place in the pharmaceutical and stirring speed to be a serious choice. It is necessary to ensure that it mixed with the materials, but also to avoid the broken flower floc.

Package and Storage:

1. 25kg, 50kg, 1000kg plastic pail packaging.
2. The storage of goods should be sealed to a cool dark place, and suitable for the storage temperature of 5-30℃.

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