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Cationic Retention Aid CE series

Cationic Retention Aid CE series


Retention aid is a kind of chemical aid used in papermaking industry, improving the retention aid of fillers and fine fibrous material on the paper. As the retention rate ascends, it improves both the compactness and opaqueness of sheets, surface smoothness and printability. The surface area of the fine fibrous material increases and adsorbs most gross rubber, so that good retention rate can make the gross rubber exert its best effectiveness so as to improve the sizing. Therefore, retention aid is a kind of low cost, high benefit additive, which has been widely used in overseas papermaking plants.



Appearance white granule
Solid content ≥90%
Molecular weight 500-1000 million
Charge Cationic
Bulk density (0.65-0.7)g/ml
pH value 4-6
Recommended dissolved concentration 0.1%
Storage period Two years


1. Adding sequence: cationic starch-----neutral colloidal-----CE- series cationic retention aid.
2. Dosage: 100-200ppm.
3. Dilution concentration: 0.02-0.07% (dilute in pure water).
4. Adding point: the adding point shout be near the net box, provided that the paper feed is well mixed with the retention aid.



High shear will degrade the cationic retention aid, so centrifugal pump should be avoided for polymer transfer.



25kg Paper-plastic compound bags.

This product is not the dangerous goods.

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